Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Look at me still talking when there's Science to do.

I'm not a gamer. My boyfriend goes on gaming binges every now and then. While he was home in St. John's visiting his family last week, he found out about a game called Portal. I guess it's pretty rad and popular among gamers. If I played video games, I'm sure I'd give a toss.

What I DO give a toss about is the Portal "Still Alive" song! I'm sure I'd love it even more if I knew what all of the game-related references in the song meant. My boyfriend has explained some of them to me which has made it even better. The truth is, I loved it the first time I heard it and didn't know what most of it meant. I think that means it must be brilliant :)

Check it out:

I am aware that liking this despite the fact that I don't even really get it makes me the worst kind of geek... the kind of geek that geeks think is a geek. But I don't care, you know why? Because today I read The Complete Guide to Not Giving a Fuck. I know how that sounds... but really, I can't recommend it enough!

PS - This is the guy who wrote the song. Is it weird that I'm so crushing on him right now?

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