Sunday, October 30, 2011

Paper Mache Teacups!

About a year ago, I thought about doing something like this... and then today I came across this tutorial!

 Aren't they amazing?

I found this by way of Frivoli-tea. Images belong to

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Fab Four!

Apparently I'm still on my Beatles kick :)

A friend offered me a pair of free tickets to see The Fab Four ~ a Beatles tribute band ~ at The Rose Theatre in Brampton last night. Since seeing the Beatles for real is sadly an impossibility, this show was something I was not going to miss!

I kind of let myself get right into it and pretend it was the real thing... I even wore a 70's inspired outfit with a bit of an East Indian vibe to it, as a show of my affection for George Harrison, LOL! 

Me, doing my best 70's Beatles fan impression :)

The show started with an introduction by Ed Sullivan (obviously a clip from one of his shows back in the day). The Fab Four took the stage dressed in their iconic suits with those famous haircuts, and they opened with Twist and Shout. 

Yay, Ringo!

John was fab :)

Paul and John were amazing... it was incredible how much they sounded like the real Paul and John, even when they spoke! Their banter was lively and hilarious, and I thought they did an amazing job of impersonating them. Ringo was great as well, but I have to say I was pretty disappointed in the guy who played George. Not only did he look nothing like him (think chubby Italian dad, instead of wiry, mysterious young man), he also wasn't a very good singer. So that kind of threw me off a little bit... but the others more than made up for it.

 Yeah... that's supposed to be George.

So the first half of the show was a selection of earlier Beatles tunes from 1962-65, including A Hard Day's Night, I Feel Fine, 8 Days A Week, This Boy, and All My Loving.

After the intermission, they came back dressed as Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, and did a mix of songs from 1965-67, such as Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, With A Little Help From My Friends, and Penny Lane.

 Paul and George


During Yellow Submarine, John left the stage which was a bit alarming... but as the song ended he returned, with long hair, glasses, and attired in his white Abbey Road suit. The other "Threetles" as he called them left the stage, and he performed "Imagine" (not a Beatles song, but still great to see performed live!)

When that was done, Paul, George and Ringo returned to the stage also garbed in their Abbey Road gear, and they then played a selection of songs from that album and a few others. I was surprised that they did Lady Madonna and Hey Bulldog, but they did fit well into the set.

The Balled of John and Yoko was a highlight, as was Octopus's Garden. And even though the man playing George was not a deadringer and unfortunately a weak singer, I still got caught up in the moment when he began to play Here Comes The Sun. Yeah, a little misty-eyed, me. I can't help it, that song just does something to me.

For the encore, they came back with Revolution and Hey Jude, which I still have in my head this morning :)

Really the only thing that bothered me about the show was the apathetic audience. What is it with audiences in the GTA? Why are they so lazy? You don't stay in your seat and remain quiet during a show like this! And where was the applause? I was embarrassed to be among that crowd.

The band really gave it their all, they were enthusiastic and energetic and worked really hard to get a reaction from the audience, and they got almost nothing in return (with the exception of my ear-piercing shrieks, haha). My message to audiences: if you don't want to clap and sing and get into it, STAY HOME and watch the tube instead. Give the tickets to someone who will appreciate the show! 

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

I Always Say This, But...

I know I always say I'm going to do these things, and I never do. I keep collecting cool ideas for fun art and craft projects, and maybe one day I'll get around to actually doing them. Here's another one to add to the list.

Click the link for full instructions. I may actually do this for Christmas gifts this year :)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Girl Lives in my Head.

I came across this today...

It belongs to Rebecca Head's webcomic The Official Crumpet Fighting League on tumblr. Her stuff's so cute. Also, I'm pretty sure she based this comic on me. Because there couldn't possibly be another awkward, short blonde girl who goes to the bar wearing jeans and a t-shirt and says really lame things to total strangers after too many beers. Right?

I didn't think so.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Here Comes the Sun.

George Harrison was my favourite Beatle. Still is, I guess. He wrote my favourite Beatles song (check the title of this post). It's hard for me to overstate just how important this song is to me. It is woven into the very tapestry of my existence, to the point where I actually avoid listening to it in order to preserve it's specialness. It means that much to me.

Saw this incredible documentary the other day - directed by Martin Scorsese: Living in the Material World. All about George, with fantastic contributions by Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, and tons of iconic imagery. I haven't been able to stop thinking about George since seeing it.

This is a must-see film for any Beatles fan. A little warning though... if you love George like me, you'll be mourning his passing all over again by the end.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hey, Lookie What I Made... The Sequel!

Making cards is fun... good times! Check these babies out.

My sister and I are getting ready to make a whole bunch of Christmas cards. Photos to follow!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Warning: Typographic Content

I may have forgotten to mention this, but I got a job. I'm a Professional Resume Writer. I interview job searchers about their skills and achievements, and I write their resumes and cover letters for them. Pretty neat, eh?

But I can't just write the resume in whatever style I want. My boss has a degree in typography (I know right?!) and is somewhat particular about the fonts I use. As well he should be... it's his business, and if he prefers that I use Arial and Times New Roman, then I will. From now on.

I learned the hard way, today, that he isn't a fan of Trebuchet MS. I happen to think Trebuchet MS is great. Quirky, yet understated. I'd like to think that sort of sums up my own personality. But I guess that's not what employers want to see on a resume.

Today, a friend pointed me in the direction of this article: I'm Comic Sans, Asshole. And I just about died. Not that I would ever write a resume in Comic Sans (though I'm sort of tempted to play a joke on my boss and do a fake one just to get him riled up, LOL). 

Shortly after, another friend reminded me of the spectacularity that is Exocet

I definitely do not have enough Exocet in my life. In a world filled with Arial, Verdana, and Times New Roman, we all need a little Comic Sans, Trebuchet MS, and Exocet in our lives for shits and giggles, no?

Saturday, October 1, 2011


Photo taken by me today while traversing a lane in Yorkville.