Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I'm not super-duper political. Some people in my family are, and many of them have a long, strong history of supporting the NDP.

I'm a little more flexible in my leanings... I tend to vote for leaders, not parties. Although I must say that since I began voting, I have not yet voted Conservative... I wouldn't rule it out, if someone came along who inspired me.

Since this is a blog about things I like, I really feel like coming out and saying it... I like Jack Layton. I don't "hate him the least of all the candidates"... I actually like the guy. I liked him at the last election, and I liked him at the election before that one. I voted for him on both those occasions, and I'll do it again.

But the real reason for this post isn't to impose my views upon anyone. We all have our reasons for throwing our support, or not, behind a leader or party, and your reasons are as valid as mine, even if we may not agree. My real reason for this post is this:

I found it here. It is wicked cool, right?! I like the way it makes this election feel more important, by playing on Obama's rise to President. I think that's important. I have to admit I felt election-fatigued from the day it was announced. I wasn't even sure I had it in me to vote this time - my apathy loomed large. But now, I'm inspired and excited.

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  1. My whole family have ran with or worked for the NDP...Me too actually. For Wendy Lill in N.S. the first year she won...
    I am a party voter for the most part, but use my reasoning too if needed.
    I like Layton too.
    Voting tomorrow for him...Or for the local guy, anyway.
    Interesting here in Newfoundland right now all the party leaders are women.
    Nice post Shelley.