Sunday, January 15, 2012

Instagram via iPhone, will you marry me?

I finally got my iPhone! It's been attached to my palm since Friday :) Can't. Seem. To. Put. It. Down. Well, except for right now... I can't imagine trying to type a blog post on it - as much as I love tapping out texts on the touch screen keyboard, nothing beats actually typing at full speed. Not to say I will never blog via iPhone - you never know when something might strike me whilst away from my laptop!

Admittedly, one of the reasons I've been dying for an iPhone is the Instagram app. It was the first app I downloaded and the dreamy, swoony results are taking my breath away.

Here's my current favourite Instagram image:

It's me! Well, it's my reflection in the front door. I love how the cracked paint on the wooden door behind the screen door adds texture to the photo. Yup, pretty enamoured with Instagram right about now :)

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