Friday, November 18, 2011

Forget Wrapping Paper...

Unfortunately, I can't afford to buy Christmas gifts this year. I kind of went a bit crazy last year, though, so if anyone says anything I'll just remind them of my past generosity, LOL!

Still, I am in love with this gift wrapping idea from Lune Vintage: A Silk Scarf Furoshiki.

Place the item to be wrapped in the centre of the scarf. Grab opposite corners and tie one snug knot, then grab the other opposite corners and tie another knot. 

You'll have 4 points to gather with a ribbon or bit of string. If you're using a scrap of fabric, you can also double knot and skip the ribbon. 

The next gift I wrap definitely gets the furoshiki treatment... unless it's, you know, a gift for a dude. I may have to find a cool, creative, non-wrapping-papery way to wrap dude gifts! I'll post it when I find it :)

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  1. This is so lovely, and it reminded me of a post I did back in the olden days on my blog, which you might enjoy:

    I forgot all about that teacup idea. I love that.