Monday, October 3, 2011

Warning: Typographic Content

I may have forgotten to mention this, but I got a job. I'm a Professional Resume Writer. I interview job searchers about their skills and achievements, and I write their resumes and cover letters for them. Pretty neat, eh?

But I can't just write the resume in whatever style I want. My boss has a degree in typography (I know right?!) and is somewhat particular about the fonts I use. As well he should be... it's his business, and if he prefers that I use Arial and Times New Roman, then I will. From now on.

I learned the hard way, today, that he isn't a fan of Trebuchet MS. I happen to think Trebuchet MS is great. Quirky, yet understated. I'd like to think that sort of sums up my own personality. But I guess that's not what employers want to see on a resume.

Today, a friend pointed me in the direction of this article: I'm Comic Sans, Asshole. And I just about died. Not that I would ever write a resume in Comic Sans (though I'm sort of tempted to play a joke on my boss and do a fake one just to get him riled up, LOL). 

Shortly after, another friend reminded me of the spectacularity that is Exocet

I definitely do not have enough Exocet in my life. In a world filled with Arial, Verdana, and Times New Roman, we all need a little Comic Sans, Trebuchet MS, and Exocet in our lives for shits and giggles, no?

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  1. Ugh.
    Typography Nazi.
    Though I completely get it too...
    Do play that trick Shelley...
    Hope you are quite well my Dear!