Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Is it St. Patrick's Day Yet?

I found this brilliant little recipe in my Chatelaine the other day...

The Black and Black

Pour 1/4 cup of blackcurrant concentrate (such as Ribena) into a pint glass.
Add 440 mL can chilled Guinness.

This Guinness cocktail looks so yummy! I mean, Guinness is just about the best thing on the planet, and on one hand you can't really improve upon perfection... but I think this might be close! I might not be able to wait until the 17th :)

***I originally found this in my March 2011 Chatelaine magazine, but you can view it here or visit Chatelaine online***

1 comment:

  1. Holy Hell!
    This sounds better than good...Words can not express!
    Did you try it yet?
    Well my friend, for me, this weekend. Even if it means drinkin' alone!
    {So happy to see you blogging again! Thanks for dropping in...Love the profile pic!}